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Fitness: It's Just Work.

Let our coaches guide you.


Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain strength, or simply live a healthier lifestyle, you have come to the right place. CrossFit Glynco's credentialed expert coaches will help you improve your health and fitness while accomplishing your goals.

About CrossFit Glynco

Workout Facility
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Glynn County's Leading Fitness Facility

Opened in 2017 by owners Maria and Justin, CrossFit Glynco has quickly become the most inclusive and supportive fitness community in the area. Located just off Highway 17 North, CrossFit Glynco is convenient to downtown Brunswick, northern Glynn County, and anyone in SE Georgia willing to hop on I95. Many of our members would even argue that the drive from St. Simons is well worth it. Why? Because the Glynco coaching team's number one job is to get people moving well. This is done through numerous hours of training, certification courses, and ongoing coach development. These coaches are well equipped to work with both seasoned athletes, as well as those just getting started. 

Want to know more about how Glynco got started? Give a listen to Lane One Podcast,

Episode 2: Couch to CrossFit.

What is CrossFit?

Our Methods
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Constantly Varied

CrossFit workouts are different every day. So you'll never get bored. But don't worry! Our coaches will be there to make sure you know what to do.

Functional Movements

CrossFit uses safe, effective, and efficient movements similar to those you use every day in life.


In CrossFit workouts, intensity levels are adjusted to challenge each individual and safely improve fitness.

Infinitely Scalable

Every workout can be adjusted so that every person can do a version of that workout. That's our coaching team's job!


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