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It's Open Season...

Updated: Jan 30

The first CrossFit Open 2024 workout will be released in 3 weeks! What does that even mean?

The CrossFit Open is an annually held worldwide competition designed for ALL CrossFit athletes. For three weeks (March 1st – 18th), CrossFit will release a specific workout which athletes around the world will perform, including CrossFit Glynco athletes.


The best part about the CrossFit Open is that there is a division for all skill levels. For each workout, there will be an RX, Scaled, and Beginner’s version. Based on the standards, you get to decide which level you want to compete in for each separate workout. Additionally, standards are modified for certain age groups as well.


CrossFit Glynco loves to celebrate this time of the year. In our box, we make an event of each of these workouts. We hold our “Main Event” on Friday nights during the duration of the Open. It’s not often that we get to share what we do in the gym with our loved ones, but during the open athletes get to invite their friends and families to cheer them on under the Friday night lights.


The CrossFit Open is an incredible opportunity to see where you land amongst athletes of your own age, gender, and experience level throughout the entire CrossFit community. But let’s not forget who we're really competing with – ourselves. Whether you’re competing to advance or simply have a good time, everyone should strive to give their best performance and display the growth you’ve earned in the past year!


May the odds be ever in your favor,


CrossFit Glynco

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