Thinking about CrossFit? A note from Coach Ellis:

"On occasion, potential clients stop by to the gym to see what CrossFit is all about. There is often a concern that needs addressing "Do I need to be in shape to start CrossFit, or am I too old?" The simple answer is...NO! CrossFit is all encompassing from the types and styles of fitness all the way to the level and age of athlete. In fact there is no better time to start CrossFit. 


When we start our fitness journey, regardless of the discipline, we start off out of shape and unfamiliar with the sport. This gives us, your coaches, the opportunity to: 1. start from a clean slate, 2. teach you the right, safe, and effective way to perform movements, and 3. provide a guided path to a healthier lifestyle.


We insure you will learn the movements, and the basics of gym activities through our On-Ramp cycle after which you will be integrated into the regular classes to workout alongside your peers. If you give us a shot, and Crossfit ends up not being your bag we will still be very appreciative of your time, and hope that the time you invested helps in your fitness future. Of course we hope you stay!

There is no easy way to being fit. You will struggle, and at times feel defeated, but persistence pays off just as it does it anything else in life.

-CF-L1 Coach Zettler (a.k.a Bear, a.k.a Lumberjack, a.k.a head janitor, a.k.a always improving)




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Monthly members by reservation only. We are not currently hosting Drop-In athletes. Sorry for any inconvenience. 


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