"A Better Version of Myself"

Athlete. Throughout my entire life, this was one word I could never use to describe myself no matter how hard I tried. From lasting a year on the swim team in high school to many, many memberships at globo gyms that rarely got used, it was something I chased constantly but in the end I would always give up and end up convincing myself, you’re just not meant to be an athlete. It wasn’t until after my daughter turned two and going through a tough break up that I had reached a breaking point with myself and lack of self esteem. One day I took a look at myself in the mirror and realized just how much I had put myself last and let myself go over the years. I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life at 215 lbs and I wasn’t just suffering physically but mentally as well. Self-care was non existent for me and I realized that my identity was solely wrapped up in being someone’s mother and nothing else. At the start of a new year, a good friend told me about a promotion at a brand new gym in town, CrossFit Glynco, that seemed too good to turn down. I signed up and the following week, I went to my first class. And from that point on, my life was forever changed. I had heard of CrossFit before and like many other people, was terrified because of how intense it seemed and terrified of embarrassing myself because of how out of shape I was. But when I started at Glynco, Maria worked with me one on one, slowly guiding me through a whole new world that was so foreign to me. She was so patient and encouraging which is what kept me coming back everyday no matter how tough the workout was. It didn’t take long for those initial fears to disappear. Everyone I came across at the gym, whether a coach or a member, was so supportive and never judged me for the things I couldn’t do. Instead they cheered and recognized me for the things that I could while offering any help they could so I could improve. Throughout my first year of Crossfit, I not only improved athletically but through gym organized nutrition challenges and personal goals, I was able to lose over 50 lbs and gained my sense of self back. I felt confident enough and comfortable enough to finally buy myself cute clothes, go out with friends, and do things I hadn’t done in years. And while, I don’t base my confidence on a number on a scale, I base it on how I feel in my skin and for the first time, I not only felt like myself again but I felt like a better version of myself. The version that works hard for what she wants, who doesn’t give up, and shows her daughter what women are capable of. I’m so thankful for the community that has been created at Glynco. The coaches have an incredible amount of knowledge and are always seeking to learn more to improve. A level of professionalism is always maintained while yet still making you feel like you’re more than just a customer to them, but like a friend. And each member that walks in the door is treated as an individual with their own specific needs and each coach takes the time to address those needs as best as they can. My experience at this gym has literally been life changing. I'm a happier and healthier person and for the first time in my life, thanks for CrossFit Glynco, I’m an athlete.

"I Take No Medication"

On January 1, 2019 I weighed 238. 

I took medication for high cholesterol, gout and suffered with kidney stones. 

I was 53 years old, 6’2” tall and felt pretty bad. I slept very bad. 


On November 22, 2019 I weighed 195. 

I take no medication. I have none of the issues from January 1. 

I am 54 years old and still 6,2” tall. I did get older but I did not get any taller, oh well you can’t have it all. 

I feel good. I sleep well. 


How do you do that? First decide you can. Second find the right place to help. You make a plan. You set realistic goals. You need partners. Third do the work.


I want to share the place with you. This is really the most important decision you will make. Crossfit Glynco. The people, Justin, Maria, Ellis and Ben, are solid gold trainers, partners, coaches and friends. Always there, always faithful. Solid technique and solid support. I know they all want the best for me and everyone that will summon the strength and determination to come get some. 

They taught me a nutrition program which is first and most importantly sustainable for me. During the last 10 months I have eaten more than ever. Take that in for a minute. They taught me zone eating. They held me accountable. They gave me a plan that still allowed the thing I enjoy, bourbon. Sad but hey truth is truth. You do not have to give things up – just measure.


What I want you to know is that it is for everyone. It will meet you where you are. Everyone can do it. You just have to start. I am not much of an athlete. If I can do it anyone can do it. It is a balance of strength, gymnastics and cardio training. I had been doing CrossFit for 5 years before coming to CrossFit Glynco. There is a difference in the place you choose. This place is special. One of the big differences is just the love and the coaching along with the community. I truly love the people I work out with. We sweat and bleed together. I could not do it without them. They come from all walks of life and all levels of strength. You will not find anything like this at a gym. You will not push yourself hard enough and will not have partners to share the struggle and life with. We were designed to live in a tribe. We were designed to be a partner to each other. We were designed to love and be loved. CrossFit Glynco is my tribe.


I do not really have vocabulary strong enough to testify to the impact these people and this place can have for you. What I can share with you is the fact that you can change your life. You can change the trajectory of things. You can do it. It will not be easy. The enemy you fight is you. Begin today. Tomorrow never comes. Yesterday is history. Go now. Decide, fight and win.